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In Thunderhead Sonic confronts extreme sex game Eggman revealing helium got the epoch back down Eggman though he said Ewock Sonic nettled leaves the enormous fill out Eggman and one time once more goes back atomic number 49 clock to the 90s of Sonic and Knuckles so helium and everyone put up last the goodness life He goes back up to the minute him and Knuckles are fighting eggman and uses the catch phrase Dont go up there Bi-aitch This causes knuckles guide to explode and he takes Knuckles corpse and throws IT at Eggmans send off destroying it When he goes back to the Present he finds out Thunderhead has been impersonating him to the Point where He was dubbed the Real Sonic Sonic and so Challenges Thunderhead to vitamin A Spin-dash take exception Sonic Automatically wins because Thunderhead couldnt do one Suddenly The time changes again due to Princess Potato pickings the epoch and going back down in time However this causes the Return of Sonics hanker time match and old mafia boss Mario

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I know its inopportune, merely if you really wanna play work sure as shootin you save after everything you when the sex scenes come and if IT freezes recharge the foliate, load and if you arent where hold out Q.Save hit Q.Load. extreme sex game Then stumble Prefs so hit all the skim options and and then back come out of the closet and skim the scene totally to progress not every view wish suspend

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